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Moda-ML, 2004-1 version

release 10/10/2004

Moda-ML 2004-1 version presentation

This is the second operating version of Moda-ML after the first one (2003-1).

This version adds to the previous one, the support to new processes: Yarn Production and Yarn Supplying are now supported with the management of the subcontracting (related to purchase order, despatch and subcontracting order).
Some relevant extensions have been introduced to the already supported processes:
- in Fabric Production, dyeing and finishing subcontracting have been added;
- a new modalty of Fabric supplying has been supported, alternative to the conventional one, with the final despatch of a kit (fabric + accessories) to the subcontractors of the Garment Producer, instead of despatching the fabric to the Garment Producer.
- the Fabric invoice has been modified, to comply with the recommendations of the e-Invoice Focus Group (CEN/ISSS).

The documents of the previous version (2003-1) are validated by the Schema of the present version (the new Schemas add only some optional elements or allow more choices).
The fabric invoice is an exception: it has been completely reorganised and is not compatible with the previous version (the adoption ofthe new format is strongly suggested).
The Schema of the previous version are available on line anyway.

This version of Moda-ML has been developed with the support of Consorzio TQR and of the partners of the technical working group of Moda-ML.


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Reference Collaborative Processes (ebBP)

2004-1 version, release 10/10/2004

Supported processes


Fabric production

Production process of the fabrics; the input of the process is yarn; the phasis of the process include, among the other, weaving, dying, finishing and darning.


Fabric supply

Process of Fabric supplying to the Apparel Producer


Yarn production

Yarn production process;the process starts from raw material and produces yarns; among the production phasis there is Dyeing.


Yarn supply

Process of supplying of yarns (usually for productionof fabrics, knittwear; sometimes directly to clothing suppliers and other industrial users and to final customers)

Actors of the processes

- Apparel Producer
- Apparel Subcontractor
- Combing plant
- Darn Subcontractor
- Dying Sub-contractor
- Fabric controller
- Fabric Producer
- Fabric Subcontractor
- Finishing Subcontractor
- Knittwear Producer
- Knittwear Subcontractor
- Print shop
- Spinning Subcontractor
- Yarn Producer
- Yarn Subcontractor

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XML documents of Moda-ML

2004-1 version, release 10/10/2004

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Reference to the documentation of Moda-ML 2004-1 version

- User guides are (Italian and English language) in:

- Address of the XML Schema (use this address without 'default.asp'):

- Decoding tables (allowed values):

- XML sample files with XSL style sheet are in:

- XSL Stylesheets are in:

- XMI and UML representation of the processes is in:

- ebBP models are in:

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