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New tools empowering the eBIZ implementers
The full documentation of all the improvements of eBIZ specifications at the developers' fingertips thanks to a new set of user guides.

With the most recent 2018 version of eBIZ a new set of tools has been delivered to the developers: after the well known "User Guides" and XML Schemas and the most recent ATLAS (see at ATLAS online) of the business documents of eBIZ a new tool is available: the "Compare Version User guide" for each of the different business document type.

These guides, for each document, supply the information about the change in respect of the previous version in a very punctual way in order to facilitate the complete understanding of what is new and what was already in place.
The usual, more compact, "User Guides" are still available for the daily use but the new ones are the starting point for understanding what is new.
Of course the new version is fully back-compatible.

For an explanation of the reason for the improvements happened in eBIZ we strongly suggest to have before a look to the deliverable D4.2 (document OF513-009 ) of the eBIZ 4.0 project.

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