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ebXML Message Service (ebMS)

The ebXML framework defined the transport, routing and packaging of e-business transactions with the ebMS standard, SOAP based. The SOAP envelope contains two main sections: SOAP Header and SOAP Body; in the following picture it is possible identify the ebXML extension in the SOAP envelope standard.

 ebXML Extensions to SOAP /moda-ml/images/ebMS_UserMessage.jpg
ebXML Extensions to SOAP

Example. The ENEA XML-Laboratoy implemented a Message Service Handler (MSH) software application, MSH2, that supports the ebMS envelope.


DOC - ebBP - ebMS Connection, a short use guide WP510-065
Description of the connection between ebBP standard and ebMS standard in a message exchange context represented in a predefined business process. (msword, 391680 bytes, v1, 4/3/2010)
WEB - ebMS Frequently Asked Questions (ebMS FAQ)
DOC - Sample ebMS envelope from eBIZ
An ebMS envelope (SOAP based) containing an UBL Order document, exchanged in a Cyclic Replenishment Process where the parties are identified with GLN identification codes.
DOC - OASIS ebXML Messaging Services, Version 3.0, XML Schema
DOC - OASIS ebXML Messaging Services, Version 3.0: Part 1, Core Features, 2007

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