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Survey on market, needs and barriers in RFId and eBIZ adoption in European Textile Clothing Footwear industry
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In the framework of the European project 'eBIZ 4.0 Enhancing textile/clothing sector by eBIZ and RFIds technologies adoption' a survey has been launched on 'Needs, barriers and benefits of the adoption of the RFID technology and eBIZ standard specification for the textile clothing and footwear sector.
eBIZ is an European project aiming at fostering the adoption and integration between RFID technology and eBIZ in order to improve the interoperability between firms in the European fashion industry.

The objective is to identify mainly the barriers that hampers the adoption of technologies that are promising for the management of fragmented supply chains of European FASHION industry like RFID and the eBIZ standard specifications; a second objective is the identification of potential drivers for their joint adoption that will enable the deployment of their full innovation potential.

The initiative is managed in the framework of the European project 'eBIZ 4.0 Enhancing textile/clothing sector by eBIZ and RFIds technologies adoption' by the project partners:

ENEA CROSS laboratory (Agency for new technologies and the economic sustainable development), Kyklos (software house for fashion) with the support of researchers of Logislab laboratory of Università di Firenze (Italy), ClaveI (Spain), Schaeffer Productique (France) and EURATEX (European Textile and Clothing industry association).

The survey takes 15 minutes. The data will be managed according to privacy normative.

The outcomes will be presented at IT4Fashion (April 19-21 2017, at Pagliere e Scuderie Reali, Viale Machiavelli, 24, Florence).

Go to the survey at the following link: click HERE:


Other languages: (ITALIAN), (SPANISH) , (FRENCH)


EU logo This action is part of the eBIZ-4.0 project, which has received funding from the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014 - 2020).

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eBIZ-TCF official web site /

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