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The eBIZ ATLAS is online
a new feature has been added to the tools supporting eBIZ technical documentation: the ATLAS, a dedicated web page that allows to view all the eBIZ Upstream document templates like cells in an Atlas, with business processes and goods like latitute and longitude.
Since the beginning of the eBIZ activities one of the most relevant objectives of the developers and experts teams has been providing a clear and unambiguous documentation about the eBIZ specifications.
Since many years an on-line dictionary of terms (with a sophisticated hyperlinking mechanism) have been deployed as a complement to eBIZ upstream specifications; in the framework of the eBIZ 4.0 project activities it has become part of the Online documentation pages (accessible via link) and allows to search for any term in the XML Schema documents and its related children elements or parent elements.
More recently a new feature has been added: the ATLAS, a dedicated web page that allows to view all the eBIZ Upstream document templates like cells in an Atlas were the coordinates are the Business Transactions (i.e. 'Order' or 'Despatch request') on one side and the managed Goods (i.e. Yarn, Fabric, Accessory,…). In this way it is very easy to identify which are the documents related to all the transaction dealing a specific goods or to find equivalent documents specialized for different goods.
From each cell the appropriate User Guides or Dictionary root element or web documentation page are directly accessible. Furthermore it is possible to look for specific elements through different documents in order to check if they are present or absent in each document.
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