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Fashion in Emilia-Romagna: development scenarios and skills to support innovation in the sector
07/06/2018   Research to Business 2018, Bologna  Time 16.00
What will be the main megatrends that will impact on Fashion in the coming years? What research and innovation skills are already available in the Emilia-Romagna region to cope with these scenarios?

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A presentation of eBIZ benefits for the fashion supply chains explained by entrepreneurs and technician of the firms already adopting it: IN.CO, Cariaggi, Piacenza, Loro Piana, Albini and others.

Why a standard language?

eBIZ allows to fully deploys RFID potentials

Sentences that we want never find out

How to use eBIZ

eBIZ for your company

eBIZ-TCF, WS eBIZ, eBIZ 4.0: the history in short

The CEN CWA version of June 2013

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